Triads and Gangs


Red Dragon Association

The largest of the Triads, but only recently so. They eliminated the Yellow Lotus Triad, who, previously held the title.

Black Chrysanthemums

The newest of the Triads opperating in Hong Kong, they swooped into Kowloon Walled City during the height of the war between the Red Dragons, and the Yellow Lotus. They deal primarily in flesh; living or dead makes little difference.

Ten Thousand Lions

Formerly a vassal of the Yellow Lotus, they are now led by its last surviving officer. They are primarily smugglers and pirates.

The 289’s (Easy Money Gang)

Scamers, identity thieves, and media pirates make up the smallest of the Triads.

Smoke Circle Society

This Triad has the largest share of the Hong Kong drug market.

Other Gangs

Kim Dragons

A collection of various Korean street gangs. They subsist on kidnappings, home invasions, and terror.

Tolo Vory

The local branch of the Russian mob, they serve various vices to the solders of the Tolo Harbor District



Hell Thunder Crew

Wuji Crew (Black Dolphins)

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Triads and Gangs

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