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Current Option

Currently we are using a system whereby everyone has 5 gear aspects that they can fill in with various pieces of gear.

Alternate Option [Seems to be favored]

You have by default, one major gear aspect, and three minor gear aspects; or you have two major gear aspects. For every stunt or point of refresh you give up you get one more major, or three minor gear aspects.

A piece of Major gear is something that is character defining, such as Dust’s sniper rifle, or Rex’s Bleeding-Edge Deck.
Minor gear represents things that you know are important to have, but are not character defining, such as Naemia’s Van, or Isolde’s gloves.

Weapon and Armor Ratings.

Option 1

Weapons will have a rating between 1-4, each point of rating adds one shift to damage.

Armor will have a rating between 1-3, this reduces damage by the rating.

Option 2

Keep it working the way that it is, with weapons, armor, and other equipment acting as aspects.

Option 3

Write up particularly interesting pieces of gear as extras.
(Note that this option is compatible with the other two options.)


Currently I am using the wealth rules as implemented here.
You have 2-5 boxes of wealth stress, which you can voluntarily stress for a bonus to a roll equal to the box that you stress. (checking off the second box is worth a +2, the third box gives +3 etc…) Your wealth stress refreshes whenever you get something that is worth that box or more. (You have checked off your 1 and 3 boxes and get a rating two payout, so you can refresh the first box, but not the third.)

You gain more boxes by adding aspects relating to having money (Rolling in Money, Trust Fund, or something along those lines.)

Some other options are not worrying about tracking money, or alternatively just tracking how much money each character has in ¥.

Have thought of a third option and will be fleshing that out.
h2. Other Stuff

I am considering writing up Gui’s cyberware, and Rex’s Deck as Extras, but would need input from both of you before proceeding.



Rules Stuff

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