Darneezy Johnson

Crack and meth addicted happy-go-lucky hobo with a trusty rat sidekick, Ring Dang Doo


Personal Data

Name: Darneezy Johnson

Street Name: Rocks

Description: Loves crystal meth, crack, and accidentally sitting on Ring Dang Doo.


Portrayal: Homeless Rat Shaman

Background: Roaming the streets since his pop kicked him to the curb.

Inciting Incident: Needs money to fill his crack pipe.

Belief: He only lives for himself and his rat.

Trouble: Struggles with multiple drug addictions and finding money to sustain them.


Decker: 1

Rigger: 1

Runner: 2

Mage: 3

Face: 0

Scoundrel: 3

Refresh: 5

Fate Points: 5


Name: Ring Dang Doo

Aspect: Rat Ally

Features: Professional (Scoundrel), Resilient, Sturdy (2), Harmful (1)

Flaws: Troubling (Addicted to methamphetamines and grapes).

Refresh Cost: 1

Name: Ghost Rat Friends

Aspect: Summoning (Rat Shaman).

Features: Exceptional (Does not have to pay a fate point for the first scene a temp asset shows up in).

Flaws: Situational (Only when summoning spirits), Limited (Can only be used once per scene).

Refresh Cost: 1


1. [ ]

2. [ ]

3. [ ]


1. Mild (2): N/A
2. Moderate (4): Shot in leg
3. Severe (6): N/A


Darneezy Johnson

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