Naemia Simsiyah

a dainty and lithe young woman with a bright smile and warm laugh that sets you at ease


High concept: HMHVV I infected career criminal

Trouble: wanted by Aztechnology for unauthorized termination of service.

Aspect: deceptively charismatic

Aspect: Multi-lingual [English, Colloquial Arabic, Russian, Sperethiel, Or’Zet…]

Aspect: mama hen

Clever 1
Flashy 3
Forceful 1
Quick 2
Sneaky 3

Since I am a career criminal, once per session I can find a contact in the shadows
Since I am deceptively charismatic, I get +2 to flashily sway people to my opinion.
Since I am a career criminal, I get +2 to sneakily evade security/detection?

Fate points 3
Wealth (-1-) (-2-)
Stress (-1-) (-X-) (-3-)


Naemia Simsiyah

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